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A video on Quick Tour of HOPEX Business Architecture would be nice

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A video on Quick Tour of HOPEX Business Architecture would be nice

A video showing in short the step by step modeling of a business transformation program would be nice, explaining the key objects, properties, diagrams and reports to produce, and how these support better and faster decision taking.

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Have you checked the new section about "How-To" video ?




There are 2 short videos you may find interesting on our Youtube channel

1) Strategic Planning Capability Roadmap 

2) Strategic Planning - Project Impact on Roadmap 


Thanks a lot rraiola for the information, both videos have important information. However, I'm looking for a video that follows the BA method, starting by defining the context (Enterprise, Phases) and then going through the As Is Capability Architecture, Assess Transformation Drivers, Define Enterprise Roadmap, Define Solution Architectures and Finalize Enterprise Roadmap, as explained at


Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.

Thanks oguimard. Following the link you shared and making a search on "capability" I found one video that give me some light, however not completely. Hopefully there will be more videos like this one so there could be a set of videos that fully show how to run a complete cycle of the Business Architecture method.