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Ideas | Submission Guidelines


Ideas | Submission Guidelines

Remember to search for existing ideas. Search the community before submitting a new idea. You might not be the only one with this idea and it would be a shame if you took time to write something that has already been submitted or already has an answer.

One idea per submission. If you have several ideas, please submit them separately. This way it’s easier for us to process, and it’s clearer for the community which idea to vote.

Be specific. Help the community understand what you’re suggesting: try to have a clear title and a clear description of the idea. And be sure to include your motivation and an idea of customer value. The more the community know about your idea, the more it can stand out and be visible. Also, the more we know about it, the more accurate we’ll be when we’ll review it.


Consider using the following user story format:

  • The Role:who (what type of user) is the feature for?
  • The Something:what is it that the user wants to do – the goal and/or desire?
  • The Benefit:why do they need it – what do they need to accomplish? What value do they derive from the feature?
  • And additional descriptive context, for example…
  • The category or component your idea is about (e.g. blogs, REST API, user authentication, integration, kudos, Social Support, etc.)
  • Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, etc.
  • Examples of other places or products where you’ve seen the feature or something like it.
  • A sense of priority or desired timeframe.

Vote & review the ideas of others. Look at other idea from time to time to see what other are requesting. It might give you ideas, and don’t hesitate to participate and vote! While we take into account the number of vote an idea receive, we also look at the feedback they receive.  


All ideas that accumulate 10 votes – from people in different organization, will be reviewed monthly. Each idea will be reviewed and defined a different status at each milestone.

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