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[Poll] What are your biggest EA challenges for 2021


[Poll] What are your biggest EA challenges for 2021

Forget 2020. What are the biggest Enterprise Architecture challenges for 2021? Let us hear YOUR shortlist of priorities for 2021! 


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Hi, I would prefere another way of voting : Give us 100 points (euros, units whatever) and ask us to split this 100 on severals choices. Why : AGile is a subject but not anymore a big one, IA it's a topic but not a big one today, it"s coming . Being able to give an importance would be nicer 😉

@hdrapin thank you for your feedback. I get your point, it's definitely something we can try for the next poll! 
Your welcome to prioritize in a reply below - it would still be nice to hear your opinion sorted by importance 😉