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[πŸ“£ Conference] EMEA & APAC - the discussion from the EA track


[πŸ“£ Conference] EMEA & APAC - the discussion from the EA track

It is finally the big day! Welcome to our " EA & Risk Exchange " conference discussion thread !


Interact with our speakers via the dedicated posts that will appear below by clicking on the "Reply" button. Presenters will be happy to respond almost instantly, so feel free to get involved. 


In the meantime, you can find out more about our guest speaker Francis Vatnhamar Bell of Nordea here

Don't hesitate to get involved, we are waiting for your questions, thoughts, proposals, comments, etc.! 

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Hi @imapm 

Regarding IT Business Management Metamodel, it is a new solution but is essentially  based on Business Architecture/IT Strategy Metamodel with slight changes (simplification).

Hi Iberio,

To have a clear understanding of the possible impacts of a migration, first thing you should do is taking a look at the V4 release notes, regarding the products you currently use. We also have a document which details the things you should pay attention to during a migration towards V4. If you have specific concerns just let us know what products you are mostly interested in and I'll be happy to get the other Product Owners to provide you further insights.

Hi @imapm there are no fundamental differences in the metamodel between V3 and V4


Our next poll considers whether you use Business Architecture concepts in your organisation. The poll is displayed on the right hand side of this page :


Don't be shy πŸ™‚


I hope you all enjoy Claire's session. Feel free to post your comments or questions here at any time, and Claire will respond

The session was very clear, by the way I think that with the increasing of agile product roadmap and strategic epic planning,  UX and collaboration presented here are a bit too rigid. Or at least this is what I learned during IT transformation initiatives in the last 2-3 years with agile initiatives on digital products. What is it your opinion on that? Do you see the same challenge on strategy/tactic management? 

Hi Erco, I agree, in an agile context it's important to have models to ensure a shared understanding across the agile team, and it's also important that the models are flexible and easy to change. In your experience, which modelling techniques have you found work well in an agile approach?


Eugene McSHEFFREY / Principal Consultant
MEGA International

Hi Eugene, currently we use strategic themes, epic vision as road mapping, portfolio canvas and other design thinking techniques most of them in CX improvement for better customer journey. 

Hi @Erco - reply from Claire too: It is true that we need to increase flexibility in the way we implement changes and using agile project management techniques needs to be considered. It is important, I find, to define a clear strategic direction to make sure the overall goals are set. they can be reviewed regularly but they need to be communicated to make sure what we do is part of the plan.


HOPEX helps identify projects candidate for transformation and make sure you understand the scope of impact and change of those projects. you are more in the study phase then, identifying and assessing what you could do to move in that direction. Agile methods can then be used to deploy those selected initiatives.

Hi Erco,

Thank you for your comment. We believe Enterprise Architects have a strong role to play in Agile environments to bring the strategic vision working on strategic planning, value streams, enablers epics and also on the intentional architecture that enable the architectural runway. EA's role is key to break down silos, avoid reworks and hence accelerate product delivery!

Fully agreed, the point is how to collaborate with Business on it, how to "socialize", how to share roadmaps at C-level. Strategic diagrams in Hopex often are not "easily shared" with top manager / Product owners. This is by the way my experience working daily in Hopex as EA at least on the business dimension (on IT dimensions I see less challenges, except the complexity of emergent architecture and architecture modeling by code that is pushed by development). Thanks

Thank you for sharing your feedback. This is very important for us. We also strongly believe that document sharing and collaboration are the two key elements in Agile environments.


Thanks Luca. Next up, Claire de Bie will present how to transform your business with a 360-degree approach.


EA Track 2 - Claire de Bie resized.jpg


Trusted Contributor

Great introduction, thank you. Can you please turn down foreground, I mean background music to hear presenters voice?

Hi @jangm thanks for the feedback. I think that was just the short video clip, so hopefully it is all good now. 

Glad you enjoyed the intro too - thanks πŸ™‚


It is now the time for our first poll. How does your company recognise EA's perceived value? The poll is displayed on the right hand side of this page:


First up, Luca de Risi will outline how to accelerate transformation with a business-outcome driven approach to EA.


EA Track 1 - Luca de Risi resize.jpg




It is now the time for our first poll. How does your company recognise EA's perceived value? The poll is displayed there: 




Welcome everyone, and we are excited to be starting our first edition of the EA & Risk Exchange conference! Myself and the MEGA team are here if you have any questions throughout the event.




If there are any other early birds online already, you still have 15 minutes to get your tea or coffee ready! πŸ΅