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[Challenge] Rationalize your candy portfolio when trick or treating


[Challenge] Rationalize your candy portfolio when trick or treating

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Imagine that you go trick or treating for Halloween, and you bring back a full bucket of candies. Amazing right?!

Unfortunately, the next day, you go to a dentist's appointment, and the dentist tells you that you are not allowed to eat more than 10 candies, period! The rest must be trashed, or you risk a mouth full of cavities. You definitely don’t want that so you must choose 10 candies and destroy the rest.


To help you chose which candies to keep, you decide to define three criteria. Those that fit the criteria you keep, and those that must go. Will you base your selection on which have the most caramel, nuts, and chocolate and decide to keep those? Or maybe you love peanut butter or you’re a fruit and gummy person so you would prioritize those candies. So many choices but it’s up to you.


Join the Halloween fun and write in the comments section below which criteria you will use, and which report you will build to rationalize your candy portfolio.

The comment that receives the most likes will win a $100 Amazon gift card! Show your creativity and have a Happy Halloween!


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Please find the dashboard of my Candy Crush Saga Portfolio, with 3 assessment criteria : Sugar rate, Addiction level & Dental appliance compatibility on all Candy Crush well know candies.CandyCrush.png