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Blog EN - Business & IT Transformation
Read expert views on the newest business and IT transformation trends.

Implement Agile IT Strategic Planning with Enterprise Architecture

Agile IT Strategic Planning with Enterprise Architecture.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

CIOs know that in order to have a great IT strategic plan it must be aligned to business strategy. However, due to constantly evolving industry and marketplace trends, a company’s business strategy is constantly evolving too, and as a result IT strategic planning usually fails to keep pace.

gabrielgomane MEGA
21 June 2019

Manage Technology Standards with Enterprise Architecture

Manage technology Standards with EA.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

IT departments often manage a very large number of software technology components that potentially represent a threat to the organization. By limiting the variety of products in use, IT departments can reduce the number of platform conflict problems. Standardization can minimize the risks associated with an uncontrolled technology portfolio, facilitating software licensing and security management.

gabrielgomane MEGA
5 April 2019

The role of IT in mergers and acquisitions

Role of IT in Merger and Acquisition.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Given how intertwined business and IT are in the modern era, “getting the IT right has become fundamental to avoiding failed mergers and acquisitions (M&A)”. In fact, such is the importance attached to IT in such ventures, it has been described as “the functional area that was ranked the highest in ‘need for improvement’ in terms of integration skills and capabilities in the future”, with over 50% of synergies between merging organisations relating to IT. 

10 January 2019

[Resumen Webinar] 3 pasos para la planeación estratégica de TI

webinar ITSp MX resumen.png
Business Transformation

Durante nuestro último webinar compartimos cómo mejorar la alineación de Negocios con TI con HOPEX IT Portfolio Managment. 

14 December 2018

Yin and yang: business and IT

Business and IT Yin Yang.jpg
IT Transformation

What’s the single most important factor that drives your business? If you answered technology, you could be right one day, but business innovation could be the correct answer the next.

dhebda MEGA
29 November 2018

Changing with the times: IT modernization and accelerating cloud migration

IT Modernization and Cloud Migration.png
IT Transformation

 The cloud. It seems inevitable that we’re all headed there. Having the ability to rapidly access massive amounts of information over the Internet with minimal management effort is… well is pretty awesome.  The significant cost burden associated with managing a network and maintaining all the physical needs of a data center disappear when you remove this layer of IT management. CIOs, CTOs, and IT professionals recognize the numerous advantages of the cloud for business transformation; simply stated, they can focus time and talent on delivering the technologies that drive business capabilities while minimizing the distraction of maintaining infrastructure. If it sounds almost too good to be true, well…in the words of Yogi Berra “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”    

ElsbethMcSorley MEGA
19 July 2018