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IT Transformation

The Furious Pace of Change: How IT Leaders Should Leverage Application Portfolio Rationalization

Constant change is the new normal. While this is true in so many facets of today’s world, this is particularly the case in business. Rare is the large enterprise that is not struggling with the dual imperative to improve customer experience and to increase the value of the product or service that is being offered. Business models (B2C, B2B, and B2B2C) are under attack by more nimble and well-funded new entrants who are able to leverage social media to establish overnight brand identity and build a tribe of followers. 

26 April 2018
customer journey buzzword.png
Business Transformation

Is customer journey a buzzword, or is it here to stay?

 Has “customer journey” become one of these cliched and over-used phrases – a quick Google search of the term currently generates just under 23 million results in less than half a second – or is it worthy of its popularity?

5 April 2018
Risk Management

Will the Facebook Debacle Finally Wake Everybody Up?

Hey, wanna take a quick Facebook survey? It’ll be fun – we can learn what type of animal or color best represents your personality, or some other silly thing like that. All it will cost you is all the micro-specific data that has been collected about you. Oh, you’re not into those quizzes and surveys? No problem, because if any one of your Facebook friends has ever consented to one of those, there’s a possibility that connection gave somebody else access to your data anyway.

23 March 2018
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Digital Transformation

Don't rely on shamrocks, rainbows, and lucky charms: How to select the best enterprise architecture

This St. Patrick’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pot of gold and the luck of the Irish on your side when selecting an enterprise architecture (EA) solution that’s most appropriate for your organization? As enjoyable as it sounds to pour yourself a rich, smooth, creamy pint of Guinness, and leisurely ponder which EA tool to select, there are better, more effective methods for deciding on the right tool. After you’ve done the work and chosen the best EA tool for your company, then by all means have that Guinness – you’ve earned it!

15 March 2018
Business Transformation

Foster Innovation and Align with the Business Thanks to Enterprise Architecture

Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis, analysts are now predicting that the U.S. economy will remain robust in 2018. The stock market has hit record high after record high in 2017, and many companies are reporting strong earnings. In this context of business growth, innovation and digitization are a key success for companies, and IT departments have a key role to play. 

8 March 2018
Business Transformation

How customer experience is driving business transformation in 2018

The New Year is here and along with it come our new goals, resolutions, and hopes for an exciting, transformative, and successful 2018. Businesses are also busy planning their goals for the year and one big 2018 goal that is trending and will transform business this year is a renewed focus on improving customer experience.

1 March 2018