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At MEGA, we constantly strive to improve our services and give proactive information to our customers and users. The technical support team plays a key role in the MEGA community to offer a wide range of services and quick answers to users’ questions. The responsiveness of the support is also based on customer feedback which helps MEGA improves services and interactions.  

Today we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new feature in our Support Center (access only for support user) to provide more visibility on the availability of fixes.

See when your fix is expected

The Support Center already offered the possibility to create a case and check its status online but lacked timed information. Indeed, sometimes, when a user submits a case, the issue might be recognized as a bug, which will require the creation of a fix. Now, when case resolution requires the generation of a fix, a scheduled release will be provided, and users can see when the related fix is expected.






Customers and users will see for each case or case list, the expected corrective patch (CP) or release for each fix.

View within a caseView within a case


Tabular view of your casesTabular view of your cases


The schedule release information represents the current status of pending fix and the scheduled release. It is regularly updated and subject to change.

Providing reliable and active support

Maintaining the communication to inform HOPEX users when their cases will be solved is key: this enhancement should greatly answer this need and improve the reliability of the information shared with our users.


Furthermore, MEGA’s support team actively interacts within our HOPEX forum to provide relevant answers quickly to your questions. The responsiveness of support is one of our priorities, and we have been decreasing our time-to-reply by half in 2019 and want to continue to do so this year.


Besides, in forums, don’t hesitate to help your fellow HOPEX users by accepting answers as a solution when your issue is solved in the forum – it gives more weight to a thread and can help others with the same issue.




Help us improve your experience

Keep improving our responsiveness by answering the satisfaction survey carried out after each technical request - with a global satisfaction of around 90% in 2019.

You can also always give your feedback about the MEGA community via our survey - it's 5 questions and takes only 1 minute. It will help us understand your needs and expectations in the MEGA Community. The last question allows you to share your feedback and comments on your community experience.