The technical forums are platforms for maintained customers’ support contacts to discuss technical questions on EA, BPA and other modeling-related topics. The technical forums are moderated by MEGA Support, labeled as MEGA Support Moderators.
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Infrastructure - Exploitation - Deployment

The forum "Infrastructure, Exploitation, Deployment" is all about: How to choose an architecture, requirement/sizing for an architecture, Installation, SGBD, license…
Latest Topic - Move Environment files
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Technical Product

The forum "Technical Product" is all about: Repository Management, Publisher Doc/Web, Advisor, API, Teamwork, …
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This is a peer-to-peer discussion area that covers EA, BPA, and GRC best practices, experiences, advice, approaches, capabilities, business challenges and more.
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Functional Product and Methodology

This forum is all about how to best use the MEGA Product Suite and Methodology
Latest Topic - Application instances?
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User guidelines, how-to guides, FAQs, Feedback and more
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Welcome and Announcements

Get started using these documents, which include more information on user guidelines and a brief how-to guide.
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