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How to subscribe to a blog/forum


How to subscribe to a blog/forum

Sign-up for the Community


To contribute to the MEGA Community, you’ll have to register first.

  • Click the "Join now" button on the home page to register. You’ll then be directed to the user registration form.
  • Or click on “sign in” to open the following overlay window:



Subscribe to a page on the community


In the MEGA Community, you can subscribe to:

  • A blog
  • A blog article
  • A forum
  • A forum’s topic

To do so, when you’re signed in go to one of our page, for example the Business & IT Transformation Blog.

Click on the option button:



Then click on “Subscribe”:



That’s it, you’re set! Now, when there is a reply or a new post on the page you subscribed, you will receive a notification.






Manage your subscription


To manage your subscriptions, go to your personal settings > “Subscriptions & notifications” tab > My subscription.