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Increasing Your Speed in Governance


A great deal of governance is backward looking leveraging reporting after the fact. While this will never go away, there are great ways of speeding up governance that need to be considered. This is especially important with many over and under lapping governance efforts that are happening in organizations today. The major thrust in this post is about how to use process management to plan for, prevent and how to quickly catch violations. There is a continuum of process focused governance approaches that can be used independently or together. 

Build Governance into Process with Modeling

Planning a process that will assist in performing governance is an essential key step in moving from reactive governance to proactive governance. One of the best technique to plan a process is to create a process model that reflects the desired business outcomes while preserving governance. 

Jump Start Processes with Templates

For organizations that believe in process focused governance, but is under pressure to deliver that governance, using pre-built process models that come as templates is a great way to accelerate a governance effort. Examples include (APQC, SCOR, BIAN, or even SOX and ISO for more specifically governance oriented standards).

Perform Governance in Running Processes

Modeling processes is good, but performing those processes in action makes sure that the execution of governance matches and supports the plan more completely.

Watch Governance with Dash Boards in Real Time

Running process technologies regularly have dash boards that watch processes. Governance programs can take advantage of these dash boards by building in notifications when governance issues may be arising. Sometimes the dashboards can be bought as templates as well.

Adjust Governance Quickly Leveraging Process Agility

Process management is known for quick changes leveraging many forms of low code and no code approaches to making speedy adjustments.

Net; Net

While process can speed up most aspects of governance and turn it from reactive to proactive and responsive, the speed to decide and coordinate governance is still in the critical path. Consider all of the above approaches to speed up governance programs.

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